Until We Meet Again…


I’ve been saying it for a long time, but I suppose my voice got quieter about it as the decades passed. As I prepare to close Louis I want to make sure you know I that have always felt like it was a privilege to have the opportunity to express myself in the way that I have for all of these years. You have all given me the freedom to evolve, and ultimately create Louis for you.

Besides my role as a business owner I have always viewed myself, and my true function at Louis, as an interpreter of style. I made it my life’s work to go out into the world to see what I could find, interpret it, and bring it back to the city we all call home. When I reflect on the legacy of Louis I understand that my father, and my grandfather, and even my great-grandfather Louis, who made his interpretations though previously worn clothing, did it in much of the same way. I’m grateful that we’ve had a devout, supportive audience for nearly 85 years.

While I’m curious about what my future will look like without Louis in it, it’s no secret that my biggest fear is that other stores like Louis will all but disappear. Big business is taking over and I

worry that innovative minds won’t be given the opportunity to do what we did, and that people won’t have the ability to experience anything quite as magical as Louis has been throughout the years.

I talk often about evolution and appreciation, and while sometimes I feel like both have nearly been lost on ecommerce and big box superstores, I trust that someday they will come back. And I believe Louis will be there when they do, for the next generation.


I must take this opportunity to thank all of the amazing sales consultants who have shared their talents with all of us for so long, including Arthur Jordan, who has been a part of our family for 48 years. I’m not sure where he’ll land yet, but when he does…make sure you find him. I’m proud to have had the best in the business by my side year after year. There is not another group of people in the city as devoted to their mission as those who have walked the floor at Louis throughout the years. I have seen them work tirelessly with their clients to make sure each and every one of them walked out of Louis satisfied.

I also need to thank the other members of the staff that stayed behind-the-scenes with me and did everything in their power to make sure Louis was the best experience around. I don’t know what I would have done with out you.
In my years at Louis we have pioneered some of the top designers, past and present. It was a pleasure to bring you Public School and Tim Coppens, Greg Lauren and Simone Rocha, Rosie Assoulin and Rosanna Getty, to name a few. I will miss their love for their craft and the energy they brought to my travels.

I’ll miss my incredible vendors including my dear friend Mossimo Bizziocchi, and of course I will miss lunch at Sam’s. But most of all I’ll miss all of you…our loyal customers.

Thank you for patronizing Louis since 1930.

Until we meet again…


9 thoughts on “Until We Meet Again…

  1. Barry Wishnow

    While it saddens me to see the end of a great era, I wish you the very best.
    I do have one thought. Create a fabulous bespoke business under the Louis’ label.
    My Very Best Wishes.
    Barry Wishnow

    1. georgina goodman

      dear Debi

      just wanted to send all the best and thank you for buying my shoes all that time ago…you have always had a great eye for fashion and you will find the next thing equally wonderful….With love Georgina and BJ xx (georgina goodman)

  2. Bridgette Wallace

    Hello and Farewell Debi,

    I was worked at Louis in sales fresh out of college. You gave me an opportunity to work in the high fashion industry. In a small but significant way it contributed to my confidence. I assisted women in finding the right piece that would accentuate their figure and what they were trying to convey through their style. I carried what I learned about class, quality and how to make a statement without overshadowing who you are underneath the outfit. I will also never forget meeting OJ, Nicole Kidman, Elton John and others. Unfortunately, I still love fashion but I am an urban planner where I now try to dress cities and towns. I also founded a start up to assist start ups in Roxbury. I know your family has ties to Roxbury and if your still around Boston maybe you can give a fire side chat to the entrepreneurs of Roxbury. I wish you all the best! I simply say Thank a You!

  3. Dottie Sternburg

    Sorry to see you go but happy to have you start a new phase in your life while you are still young enough to do good things. All the best in whatever you choose. Just let you and Mark enjoy life.
    Love ya’,

  4. massimo Bizzocchi

    Dear Debi, thank you for everything that you helped us to understand. My deepest respect for your professionalism and progressive vision shared with all of us. Fondly yours

  5. Paul Grant

    The clothes were good but the people were great. Bob Daly and Renato top my list. Genuine top notch service.

  6. Paul Flynn

    By the time I could regularly afford the kind of clothes sold at Louis, I no longer lived in Boston. But for a while, wandering through the shop led me to aspire to certain things, not all of them material and so for that, many thanks.

    More than that though, just being in Louis taught me how to dress like a gentleman. I learned about Huntsman in Louis – in the mid 1980s, a gentleman who worked there spent considerable time telling me about properly stitched linings, well rolled lapels and functioning cuff buttons. That he did so in the absolutely knowledge that I wasn’t likely to add to his sales tally was all the more lovely. I learned about Penhaligon’s and Trumper’s and about split yokes on shirts, cuffs on trousers, the difference between a Blucher and a Balmoral and why a good suit has no belt loops. I was eventually able to buy things in Louis, mostly on sale and then moved away.

    This morning, I splashed a little Penhaligon’s Blenheim Bouquet on myself and thought, as I usually do, of Louis – which is why I came to this site. I am going to be in Boston next week for the first time in a long time and thought I might treat myself to something nice.

    That Louis is closed is Boston’s loss – not because you can’t get decent clothes in Boston. I’m sure Neiman’s has lots of nice things to wear.

    But I can’t see anyone in Neiman’s taking the time to show a twenty three year old boy in a cheap suit three different ways to stuff a silk handkerchief in his breast pocket.

    Many thanks and all the best.

  7. Sally Taylor

    I deeply loved shopping at Louis as a kid with my mom and then latter as an adult. Thank you for your amazing work through out the years and your impeccable aesthetic. As I was cleaning though my office yesterday I found a gift certificate and some returns I’d never used. Is there still a way to redeem some of these?
    With gratitude,
    Sally Taylor

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