The End of an Era

It’s been quite interesting, reading all of the articles that have come out since last Friday when it was announced that I have begun preparation to close the doors of our beloved Louis this July.

Regardless of the speculation of our critics, moving to the Fan Pier was the best decision I have ever made for Louis. While my family has been in love with Boston for nearly a century, the thing that kept us relevant was the fact that we were forward thinkers and believed in evolution.

I am grateful for Joe Fallon, for sharing his vision with me and for introducing the rest of you to the gorgeous, undiscovered property that has been our home since 2010. If you ever gazed out of our windows or sat on the balcony of Sam’s while sipping a cold beer, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, you’ve been missing out.

To reiterate, business has been on point and invigorated by young CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund winners including Tim Coppens, Paul Andrew, Public School, Proenza Schouler, and Jason Wu. We were further inspired lately by the beautiful minds of Simone Rocha, Rosie Assouline, Jonathan Simkhai, Jacquemus, Greg Lauren, Baja East, and countless others. Traveling around the globe 5 months each year and getting to know each and every one of them personally has been my pleasure and I am grateful for the art and discovery.

I have been choosing what Boston’s most fashionable would wear for decades, and now it’s time to make some choices for myself. I look forward to this early retirement and all that it will afford me, including spending valuable time with the people who have exercised incredible patience while I have been focused on the store. Furthermore, I am excited to pursue interest and passions, both personally and in the community, that I have only dreamed about until now.

To the naysayers of this announcement, we expected you, and we appreciate your interest.

For our supporters, we thank you – for patronizing Louis. We are grateful for the posts, comments and tweets that acknowledge Louis as a beacon of light in Boston fashion. Trust us, we are going to miss you just as much as you are going to miss us.

Like you have said, it is the end of an era – a wonderful, fashion filled, evolving era.


34 thoughts on “The End of an Era

  1. Michael Leibowitz

    i will always remember the inspiration I felt when shopping and buying in Louis, Boston from my BU days ……the 80’s…….it’s sad to see you go, but it sounds as though you have some exciting more personal dreams to be made…….best of luck and thank you for the special years!!!

  2. Lucille Ferragamo

    “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” -Albert Einstein

    I have such fond memories of my days spent at Louis. I am so fortunate to be able to add those days to my life’s portfolio. May this “change” bestow health and prosperity upon you.

  3. Carolyn

    i have no doubt that your next venture will be exciting fresh unique and fulfilling. Your store has given me so much inspiration aspiration. I used to go to the back bay store when i needed a creative boost, or just wanted to see pretty things that werent to be found anywhere else.
    Thank you
    You made living in Boston feel like Paris

  4. Vivien Li

    Thank you, Debi, for being a pioneer on the waterfront, and for helping to introduce so many people to Boston Harbor. We will miss you.

    Best wishes as you embark on the next chapter of your life.

  5. Cynthia Croatti

    2 steps forward one step back. And that’s just what happened to Boston with the announcement of of Louis closing. It’s been on my top 5 things, no 3 things to see and do in Boston. And what made Boston just a little cooler than most places. And Sam’s? Does that close too? My favorite retailer and restaurant?,please say no. Best wishes Debi.takes courage to change especially when so many are asking you to remain. Inspired.

  6. Sybylla

    My initial response is boohoo. I have enjoyed a long relationship with Louis ,especially as a wardrobe stylist. Playing with your inventory was magical. Maria Fey was a masterful partner in so many fashion editorials.
    I am all for evolution, personal and professional, and know unknown treasures await around the next corner.

  7. Jim Shay


    I have shopped with you since my days in college with my Dad’s credit card, much to his chagrin!

    You are a gifted visionary and buyer. As I have said to you over the years, your men’s line is in a class all its own.

    But my experience at Louis wasn’t all about the exquisite clothing. I was touched by the care and dedication of the people who helped me through the years: Bob and Arthur, your talented tailors, all so wonderful. Thank you so much. There is a hole in my heart!!!!best of luck to you in your future endeavors! Jim Shay

  8. Rick

    After leaving Boston in 1989, I found myself returning several times each year to shop at Louis. Many thanks for the extraordinary experience that Louis always provided.

  9. Abiola

    I am sad. It may be selfish of me, but I must acknowledge the emotion. I live in Lagos, Nigeria and Louis has been a staple and stable boutique to covet and when possible, buy unusual things.
    The end of an era indeed.
    As the saying goes’ the only permanent thing is change’.
    Thank you for the years of pleasure. I wish you open heavens for your future dreams

  10. Gary Nelson

    It is hard to imagine that it has been 35 years since Kathy and I first visited your Chestnut Hill store, New York, Back bay, you will be missed. Good luck!

  11. Hana

    Sure, we will miss the many beautiful things Louis was filled with, but Blue is already missing her old running and playing ground on the lawn in front of Louis’ big windows and the people inside Louis and Sam watching her having fun and sometimes barking her head off. She will forever treasure her toy giraffe, a “must have” she found on one of her visits to Louis.

  12. Marlene Baragamo

    I will miss everybody and everything about Louis.
    Wishing you all good things going forward. Marlene

  13. dean greenberg

    I wish all a happy ending. I have followed Louis for almost 50 yrs. From downtown Boston to Chestnut store to New York and back to the most exciting building in downtown Boston again. And now in a really cool but hard to find store on the waterfront. Mr. Arthur Jordon has been the best by far wonderful up to date fashion person I have ever met. I have visited him at all the above locations. He has been able to keep me ahead of the crowd all of those years. I wish him well in what I hope is his retirement from the top retail environment ever. Its sad but I guess time for all. Sincerely, Dean Greenberg, Aspen Colorado

  14. William Appleton

    It was sad when you left Back Bay, sad as you now leave Fan Pier.
    You have cheered up Boston and I hope you will continue to enliven
    yourself. I am sure we will here from you again.

  15. Susan London

    Thank you and your terrific staff for all the years you have offered wonderful and unique clothing and your very knowledgeable salespeople with their astute critiques and comments. It has been a real gift and I will miss all of you.

  16. Michal Sestak

    The discipline of not looking back.
    The will to change, for the better.
    No fear. No shame. No regrets.
    The one and only, Louis, Boston,
    will never go away.

  17. John Holly

    Over the years, Louis has offered us the opportunity to feel, experience and show some of the finest fabrics and architecture of leading and trending designers. Walking in the doors over the years provided a glimpse to where Boston is today. Thanks Debi and thanks to your staff who offered a live ticket to one of the best silent fashion shows for 85 years! I will miss you so much.

  18. Dottie Sternburg

    I don’t think anyone deserves to relax and enjoy more than you do. You have done a wonderful job, one that Murray and Saul would have been proud of. I hope this new era in your life brings you great joy and happiness. All the best and lots of love,

  19. Marion E. O'Hearn

    So many memories. So many bonds with such special staff who always made me feel as important as anyone else. Marni, Dries….Louis’ style simply the very best. My dog Willow’s favorite store. The fun of meeting up with the same people at the Boston event of the year…THE SALE ! Oh, I am truly saddened to hear the news. Good Luck and Fare Thee Well….

  20. Donnie

    Haberdashery will be losing an important member of its exclusive coterie. I’m very sorry to see you go but I am sure your decision is the right one. You are an institution, however, and that means your loss will cut much deeper. Best of luck.

  21. Roberta Furlanetto

    Debi your leadership and the passion and quality of the Louise team were exceptional. The Boston fashion scene is loosing a leading light. Thank you for your vision support and dedication to dressing Boston, we will miss you Roberta & Tom

  22. Ronnie Golden Engle

    I was a salesgirl for Marilyn Riseman’s Apogee in the early ’70’s when she introduced me to Louis! I couldn’t wait for my dad to buy a beaver collared taupe wool twill long coat for himself.. So chic! Louis was always the standard … Marilyn and I continued to pop out to the waterfront location after the movies on Sundays… Everyone was so kind to us. She and I remained friends for forty year! I miss her and I’ll miss Louis. RGE

  23. Cliff Hakim


    Louis was part of my growing up years. You brought European fashion to Boston, with your twist. There is no other store that I have known that has had such spirit–that intangible energy that you can feel when you walk in, look around, and enjoy the subtleties of finer things.

    Here’s to your spirit…Cliff

  24. sharon bronaugh

    When my husband and I arrived in Boston in the mid 70s, Louis was a place we shopped on a regular basis. We had a fabulous sales person by the name of Darryl that made our shopping trips a delight.

    Solange became my person at the Newbury Street store She is street smart with a NY downtown edge!

    You will be missed along with so many fabulous stores that have gone too soon.

    Boston had Louis. Chicago has Ikram

  25. Gregor Richnovsky

    Louis of Boston closing, the beloved Okura in Tokyo getting demolished… Can someone pleeease stop it!!

  26. Chris Nunez

    I remember when it was on Boylston st. My dad worked in the Berkley shop. I was a young man and I would go in to see if any celebrities were there and of course to hit dad up for lunch. You were the trend setters in Beantown. Thanks for the memories and continued success.

  27. Scotti Gaylord

    While I wish all a wonderful life after closing, I mourn the loss of another great merchant store.

    Having been in this fascinating industry for over 48 years, the changes that permeate retail today I find overwhelmingly disappointing. Far too many of the great merchants and subsequently their stores, are gone. Taking their places have been accountants, operations managers, HR, and legal teams.

    All is not lost however. I have been noticing a few talented folks who are young, tasteful, and eagerly learning this business.

    It’s a transitional period that must occur before things get better.

  28. Bob Verri

    I have been shopping at Louis since 1972.Virtually everything I own is from Louis. Things I bought 20 years ago still look good. Sorry to hear of the closing. Best of luck to Arthur.

  29. Christine McKoy

    i live in San Francisco and don’t get to Boston often. i went to Louis Boston back in ’07 for the first time, and was mesmerized. i bought 2 robins egg blue glass tumblers and i think of that day every time i look at them. times change and life goes on. i wish you the absolute best. i have shopped around the world for over a decade now, and my experience that day still remains AT THE TOP.

  30. Ken Proctor

    It is with great sadness that I learn about the closing. My Grandfather bought (and financed) his first suit from Louis before starting out at Harvard. He became a loyal customer for 50 years afterwards. My Father has been a loyal customer for decades as well.
    I vividly remember buying my first suit at Louis when I was 22. Arthur (who helped my Father and Grandfather) picked out a Zegna suit(this was the mid 80’s) that was a shade lighter than charcoal grey. He also picked out a pair of brown lace ups. When I questioned the brown shoes and suggested black, Arthur responded; “The world expects black. The Louis man wears brown which will allow him to stand apart, but not out”. I have lived my life with this mantra in mind – stand apart, but not out! Thank you Louis for teaching me about clothing and life!

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