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After All That Movement Where is The Real Fashion?

I just got back from Paris where the much anticipated shows from Dior and St Laurent produced a wild media frenzy for collections that were …um …OK. Yet again the media created controversy for the big houses with tons of copy and air time, and I am pretty sure the luxury consumer could care very little about the outcome . My take on these shows was that they were derivative of other designers work and the press gave the credit to these mega brands. Let’s start with St Laurent. The good news about the St Laurent show is that Mr. Slimane used the foundation of St Laurents original looks from the 70’s for his 2013 show.

St Laurent in the 70's

Now St Laurent 2013

St Laurent 2013

 Rachel Zoe’s has always been accused of copying St Laurent (but updating the fit). Here are pictures of her past shows and advertisements….

A Rachel Zoe Ad

From a Rachel Zoe Fashion Show

Confused? So was I….what was all the fuss about? Another show, much anticipated,was the return of Jil Sander, back to her namesake (which she sold for $250 million) . Granted Jil is still getting her feet back into the business at age 68. Her show was OK….good attempt…lots of press and lots of talk about it….But the Marni show was Jil Sander at her finest (only not designed by Jil) Marni has been exploring a new version of Minimalism for a long time but the press only talks about the big advertising accounts which is not Marni. If they do talk about Marni it’s usually a small blurb about her prints not her architecture. Who do you think did Jil better?

Jil Sander S/S 2013

Jil Sander S/S 2013

Or Marni?

Marni S/S 2013

Marni S/S 2013


Raf Simons did a pretty good job for his first Dior Show…Over 50% of the show was decent. The press LOVED it which was over the top but of course Dior is a BIG advertiser. Here are a few shots of that show.

Dior S/S 2013

Dior S/S 2013

What’s the point of this blog? Fashion has so many dimensions and unfortunately  the public only gets about 15% of the information. Plus if advertisers are the only people that the press talks about how can anyone grow in this business? Same old houses, same old designers….no credit for the real new and different….this bothers me.

That Grand Feeling of Perfection

I love my new boots. Yes I know you hear it all the time the “perfect boot” for Fall. But I mean this…but how would you know. Every magazine, every website, every shopping website, every catalogue, even every store claims this every Fall. It kinda looses it’s meaning. Having said that when you find the right one for you, it feels sooooo good. Every time you put them on, with every outfit, you say to yourself, “wow these are great boots”. Your start to take care of them…you bring them to be resoled with a rush charge. When you pack to go away you start with the boots and figure out your outfits that will surely highlight the boots. You find yourself wearing them everyday and when you have to wear another pair you sigh and make sure your wear the “great boots” the next day. Sometimes if you are really careful you wear them two years in a row everyday until the boots just plain wear out.

cool side buckle, tight at the ankle and calf, tall, great leather, flat, comfortable

Great heel, no shiny leather, open at the knee, easy to get on and off

Sorry for the blurry pictures I was in a hurry but you get the picture right? Pierre Hardy had these boots last year, but he perfected them this season. You will probably not find these in any magazine, you will probably not find these on any website….because they do not register as perfection from the photos. They do not register perfection from the description. They do not register perfection from the name brand. Actually they would only register perfection if you actually saw, felt, tried on these boots when someone pointed to them in front of you and you tried them on immediately. The consumer is missing so much by falling into the trap of brands, ease and the addiction of point and click.

When I “buy” for the store, I look at each piece I purchase with the same inspection as I did buying these boots for myself. That feeling of perfection when you own something that rewards you every time you wear it, is the goal. There are so many items that are chosen that even looking at them on the racks of our store you wouldn’t know were perfection until you tried them on. I make sure I see everything on a body before I “buy” the product, especially shoes. Shoes look so different on and off the foot. Not everything comes out the way it was shown…fabrics can change fit can be funny, but to be sure I am inspecting and selecting with a sharp focus, and aiming for no mistakes.

But what I’m really reaching for ALL of the time is giving you that feeling of confidence every time you pull that garment out of the closet and put it on your body…..ahhhh appreciation!!!!!

Take Back Our Feet..And Our Shoes

I never thought that sky high heels (even if they were platforms) were ever going to take off. It didn’t make sense that something so painful would be so commercial. Every season I would sprinkle our selection with shoes that had a pitch that made it prohibitive to walk in. I bought them for myself, only to walk bare foot after 2 hours. I thought maybe younger women could endure the pain but they too couldn’t manage a full night. We never had a great sell through at full price but the shoes would disappear (sell) on sale. Well this season marks the sea of change that is starting to creep into fashion…low heels, and wedges, even flats (which we never abandoned). Here are a few examples of shoes that will immediately change your wardrobe which in coming posts I will illustrate a fresh approach on “how to” style the look.

Notice how it's a modern low heel (not kitten heel) sandal, and the nude curl detail is so fresh.

These  flesh colored curls make the sandal is so light on the foot, yet gives the wearer great style,  it’s presence is anonymous but has enough weight to balance many outfits.

This Balenciaga sandal is a low hidden wedge with a suede soft bootie that wraps the foot.

This shoe above will completely change the style of everything that you already own. It gives weight to the foot with everything from pants to a dress. We have a high heel version as well that is somewhat comfortable that does the same thing. This shoe will also work with a cropped volume pant without having to endure a high pitched sandal.

Below, this sandal’s weight and color can change several skirts and dresses that you might own but don’t wear because you think you need a higher heel…think again and the look is very modern.

Again a low heel that has enough weight to handle the fashion on the body.

This next sandal is actually a higher priced copy of an inexpensive sandal that surfaced last summer. What I love about that fact is that it’s “upward mobility” done right. The details that they put into the design make it work beautifully…better than the original and the quality makes a small price increase worth it.

The originals were cloth instead of mesh, look at the silver trim and they have a back zipper.

Now we didn’t abandon high shoes and platforms totally. Those that we chose for this blog I call “the new orthotics”. We still have high shoes that read design and innovation but I think mastering the art of comfort in the spring summer is a must. Chie Mihara always has that comfort in her shoes but she tackled the weight of the shoe this time and you can feel it the minute you put them on.

These Chie Mihara shoes give you enough edge but they are like bedroom slippers.

In closing, because I always have to give my last nod to Marni, are a pair of lipstick red sandals with a chunk heel the perfect Valentine day present.

These Marni shoes are fun and can be worn for at least 8 hours.