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I Forgot How Much Fun We Had in The 70’s


I usually poo-poo the fashion worn in the 70’s…it definitely was the worst time for men…it ruined the industry, Men have never trusted Men’s Fashion media and manufacturers/retailers since. ¬†Separates dominated Women’s fashion during the 70’s and were the vehicle for individual expression. After the 70’s, the fashion mantra became EVERYONE wears black or EVERYONE wears denim and EVERYONE carries the “it” bag. Actually Women’s dressing during the first 50 of the 20th century were dresses, dresses, and dresses with a nod to jeans during the 50’s and a bigger nod to them during the 60’s. The 70’s gave the newly liberated woman a fashion choice with separates…separate tops, jackets, sweaters, pants, skirts and yes dresses. We had lots of fun in the dressing room the other day channeling the 70’s and here are some of the results. 


Check Out The Bag and Boots


This picture was taken with my IPhone and the Hipstamatic App. The film was “Float” and the lens was “Jimmy”. I love this App. Finally after eliminating the creativity of photography with digital cameras, there is an app that can change your photograph before you take the shot. It allows you to change the mood or the color or brightness….the possibilities are endless…what fun. Here’s another outfit created by “separates”.

Here's a Long Dress with a Knitted Fur Jacket

This again was shot with “Float” film and a “Jimmy” lens. Just as the word indicates the designers of these items are all separate as well. That’s the beauty of “separates” you can create new outfits everyday. This may change the way you shop, suddenly items have more merit by their flexibility, what you can put them with, instead of its’ designer. ¬†It’s like the photograph you can mix films and lens and have multiple possibilities. Here’s another possibility:


Don't you just love Corduroy?

“Jimmy” again was the lens but the film was “Ina’s 1969” , doesn’t it look like it ….it matches exactly with the outfit. The color of the film looked like it came from a Kodak Brownie. Candice looks so cute and fresh with a vintage twist….so individual….Corduroy…. I don’t think I have worn that fabric since the 70’s. I forgot that it makes noise when you walk, and that it’s soft and comfy.

It is fun looking back….it’s fun teaching the next generation a look we created 40 years ago…..they look just as cute as we did…maybe.


Don’t Freak….it’s just more change on Fan Pier


In case you missed the news in Boston last week Joe Fallon and the Vertex company broke ground on two buildings (one city block each). It’s the largest development project in the country, along with being the most expensive. Vertex is an amazing company solving lifetime illnesses by marrying innovation with intelligent risks. I feel honored to be surrounded by companies that are not sitting waiting but moving forward with new business models and new ideas. The world as we know it has ALREADY changed it’s now a matter of Americans to catch up with the consequences from previous paradigms.

It took Joe Fallon 12 hours to Start Construction After the Ground Breaking

Plus extreme sailing is almost here. Everything is in place for Thursday’s activities. The races start Thursday and run through Monday 1:30 to 5 p.m. There will bands playing every night. Joe Fallon really knows how to throw a party!!!!


The Food Tents and Sound Stage are all in Place


The Buoys


The are Plenty of Good Looking Sailors from all over the World


They Put the Boats Together in the Parking Lot and Crane it into the Water


Ready to Go


Mary Benoit Organized The Extreme Sailing Event...She's Amazing!!!!

Red Bull Hospitality Tent



They Must Wine and Dine You….Really?

I’m in New York for two freezing weeks buying men’s wear for next fall. In spite of the snow and cold temperatures I am finding fresh new takes on modern clothing. The next generation is slowly kicking in on their take of wearable clothes and I like it. It’s a combination of function, technical innovation and comfort…all with style (not fashion). There is a new approach to color….just hints of it but it’s there just the same. But the reason for THIS blog is I was having dinner with a friend of a friend and she claimed “In this atmosphere they must wine and dine you!” Really…..I said and then I said “no”. Let me show you a few shots of the offerings….always with “can I get you some water?”

At least it's Italian ! It's delicious

French Macaroons

Chocolate Anyone?

This has disaster written all over it

So it is amazing to me that I am not the size of a house. This also illustrates the austerity program that is part of the T & E category in every company. I workout every morning for self preservation….and it helps give me energy because it takes energy to run around to find and edit new products to present to our clientele….It’s my pleasure. Anybody have any water?