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“Stone” is the New “Khaki”?

I just read an article about menswear that declared “Khakis are Back!!!” First of all I love when they declare anything about menswear, like they are going to make men purchase something they don’t want. Second, when “they” declare anything you know it is so forced. But having said that I do see a shift in purchasing by men….which is saying that it IS happening (not forced blah blah) . The shift is for spring/summer men have been purchasing a stone color for their “Khakis.

Stone (color) is the new Khaki (pant)

I have to clarify what I am saying, the color Khaki is a tan/gold/butterscotch color that can’t be too yellow, too tan, too light or too dark…..there are so many variations it would make your head spin. The funny thing is I have bought them all….every one of those colors, and there is a magical color “Khaki”.  If it’s the right “Khaki” we sell out of it, if it’s wrong we don’t sell any. I used to think there was this club where men got together to discuss which color was ok and which one wasn’t. Well I can honestly say I had the right “Khaki” last season and it sat on the shelf where the stone color sold out in three different models and vendors. I have bought the same color again this season and already we have sold many pants. Did these men meet for coffee and agree that “Stone” is the new “Khaki”?

Winter Blahhhhs !!!!

Right about now most people are ready to hibernate and never get out of bed….but we have to. And when we do we have to truck our way through 3 feet of snow. Last week I was in New York buying menswear for Fall 2011. It was cold, wet and snowy. To my surprise, since I was so focused on menswear,  the shoe choice men chose to wear when it is clearly wet and cold…….

Did he think his feet would stay dry even though there was 6 inches of snow on the ground?

Does he think the shoes will stand up to the weather?

There are other solutions to this. It’s called boots….I found amazing shoe boots for next fall which I prefer to show you …well next fall (I have to make sure nobody will copy the idea and the boots) Needless to say I did find some intelligent men whose shoe choices are warm, dry and good looking. Why is it so important that every item of clothing that men choose to wear should fill every situation in life. They don’t feel that way about cars or video components, or computers or well anything they use frequently other than clothes. Can you imagine if they actually put some thought into their appearance what we would see? Here are some examples;

See what happens when you give a little attention to something?

Look how good traditional can look when you pair it with great pants!!!