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What Do The Working Women Wear?

I’m in the middle of buying “Pre-Fall”…whatever that means…and I’m looking at some pretty nice things when it occurs to me that I keep say the same thing to these brands, “What is she going to wear “that” with to the office?” You would think I was asking the most ridiculous question. The answer is always the same “oh they can throw “that” over black pants or a skirt”. Really? So I ask “who do you think is wearing these $1500 tailored jackets?” The answer is women who work.

This kills me. I come from a time when women were lucky just to be able to be in the same office as men, never mind having the same job. We have gone through several incarnations of workwear for women and we finally have the freedom to express ourselves (granted with some limitations) and we still have to explain to manufacturers that all these expensive clothes are worn by women who have somewhere to go in them…they actually serve a purpose. it’s not just fashion.

Look at the Cut (which is outstanding,) the Fabric Brings in the Freshness

As you can see we are just getting in some great suits for spring that I think show there is creativity in this category…..which means someone is thinking about the customer,  not pandering to the unrealistic pages of fashion magazines. This next suit is from Jason Wu. He’s part of the new generation of great creative and technical designers that move the needle forward for womens wear.

His use of lace, technical fabric and zipper closure freshen up this spring staple

So Simple but is it Really?

Last but not least (at all) is what looks like a simple black suit from The Row, but upon closer inspection the delicious fabric, the hip structure that make you look skinny (believe it or not ) and the skinny pant makes this suit a head turner. These are just a few examples of the new work wear. This is also a reminder that when you come to Louis you are NOT just looking at “fashion” that a designer puts out there, you are looking at an edited collection of clothing that has a purpose for your lifestyle….and isn’t that why you buy clothes?

Why Did The “All American” Look Go from Healthy to Trashy?

When networks decided to save money by utilizing “Reality TV” the women in these shows were suppose represent the “everyday woman” in America. We used to show women on TV looking clean cut and healthy, now we show them in strapless everything, and short skirts and dresses. I think the networks use the phrase “women, other women can relate to”. Really? Maybe the line should be “women who represent our seedy side”. The problem is young girls now think that it’s cool to look and and act like this. And everywhere I look today there they are  women in strapless whatever, monster shoes and always acting a little tipsy.

Is this the Gold standard for Young Women Today?

Television DOES influence people into thinking this is the way to live …or this is the way to look…..Well I say fight back. To use a word for people 25 and older  I think it is totally INAPPROPRIATE . This look is trashy!!!! Women can always RESORT to this look but if you have depth in your mind, body and soul you can create a less …uh…obvious look that would make you look elegant….complicated….intelligent…and yes beautiful.

We need to show an alternative to this…I hope that there is an alternative to this otherwise woman should just stop trying altogether. There is no need for design and creativity if this is the uniform for “every woman”. It’s funny how women are responding to the way women dressed in the 60’s when they watch “Mad Men”. Though the women are very finished and well groomed in the show those clothes were uncomfortable. Today we have so many more choices of clothes to wear. We have lifestyles that can afford several different “Looks” with sleeves and a neckline and maybe length from the thigh down.

The "LOOK" looks the Same Coming and Going

The Fashion Underbelly of Boston

More often than not I get asked the same question over and over again “Who Shops in Your Store?” My answer is always the same…Boston has an underground group of well dressed, art centric, patrons that keep their patronage quiet. We are definitely not a “Fashionista” town but we do have an “underground” following of entrepreneurial, innovative consumers who support people and stores that introduce them to “the new and different”. The Institute of Contemporary Art is a perfect example of how this town came together quietly to create a wonderful space to house “the new and different” in art. And it has become a destinations for people all over the world to come and visit. I’m very proud of the fact that Boston accomplished such a feat.

Well, I have discovered another underbelly in this town. We have an amazing group of young fashion bloggers that not only have style but have knowledge about the industry. We had a Blogger event here at Louis the other night and was floored by the kind of conversations I was having about what’s going on in fashion and retail (especially on line retail). Usually I set aside those kind of conversations for my trips to New York and Europe when I talk to people in the business. I usually steer my “fashion” conversations in Boston to …. well some other subject. That’s not to be mean it is a reality that Bostonians are usually not up to speed … so what, no big deal…but I just usually don’t talk business to people outside of my company.

Well that changed for me that night. As matter of fact I was having a hard time keeping up. That’s a good thing. The chit chat wasn’t about “the latest trends” which is usually the conversation with the printed and television press….the talk was about the new way to style with black and the merits and appreciation of un”BRANDED” designers. We talked about working and building a wardrobe not disposing of it after one wear. We also talked about the tricks of discounting in retail and on line sites and the pitfalls when purchasing for the sake of only saving money.

Here are a few of my new best friends…they rank up there with any of the people from the industry….all over the world….and believe me I know!

Samantha Chu, Jane Chun, Thomas Dai, Victoria Benjamin

Samantha’s Blog is “A Glimpse of Glamour”

Joseph Gordon Cleveland, Maria Fei, Brigid Nastasia

Joseph is styleboston blog and Brigid is Agency Contra

Jessica Sutton, Soonha Lee, Nicole Deponte

Andrew Ray One Man's Style Blog

Soonha Lee and Naomi Miranda

It was an exhilarating night and I thank all those who attended….I hope to see you again in the underworld.