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The Age of Consensus

Consensus of Thought

I don’t know about you but I am sick of listening to the media talking 24/7 about the Republican Primaries. It’s not that I mind the candidates or their messages, or that there is so many mistruths being thrown around. I’m tired of the media forcing a consensus and watching the public follow suit. First the media pushed Michele Bachmann on the public and then the POLLS showed her in the lead. Then Herman Cain was pushed to the forefront by the media, and the POLLS  followed suit. And so on and so on. It doesn’t make any difference whether it is left leaning or right leaning media, they push forward an agenda of blah, blah. If they keep talking they think we’ll keep listening. And if they keep talking they will influence us , not on the issues but on the blah blah.

In our need to belong to the “right” team we follow popular opinion, no matter how fast it changes. I find this part of the process fascinating. The candidates talk of individual rights but condemn anyone who doesn’t think like them. The audience applauded Jon Huntsman during the debate this morning when he spoke about truth, honesty and leading people to come together, but they also applauded when candidates spoke negatively about The President or other candidates. In their need to be right for the moment the public will follow whatever is the current “on trend” message.

Where does this lead us? We follow whatever the media is leading us.  Because the media cranks stories about consumers lining up for sales after Thanksgiving, Christmas retail has become a frenzy of slashed prices. This is good for the consumer as long as they know what they are buying…and sometimes they buy things just cause it’s going to be cheap for an hour or so. How about Fashion? The media dictates the 5 trends for the season, retailers provide it and the consumers are walking around looking like pumpkins whether they look good in orange or not. We follow suit like soldiers marching forward, afraid to stand out or be different.

The internet has not helped this situation. It too works on consensus. The YouTube Videos that everyone likes becomes the most popular. The shopping website that everyone visits become the most used….plus the products have to be something you already know or you won’t buy it. It must be in our DNA that we want to belong or be known for something that everyone else believes.  I guess if we just studied religion we can find out how strong that DNA must be.

I thought freedom of choice is the foundation of democracy. In a time where it is “consumer beware”, we have to become experts on everything. We have to be a perfect travel agent if we want to travel in style for less. We have to know about all kinds of cars if we want to buy a great one for less. Same goes for electronics and appliances. So where do we go for information?…The internet, which will give us the best information from a consensus of information. I love how the new “information technology” (think the genius bar) thinks that it can predict what we will like by a consensus of information taken from us, combined with people who might think like us or have our same demographic (feel the sarcasim). Where did all the individuals go?

The new generation is so willing to give up habits and personal information to technology thinking that they will benefit from the consensus of data. Is it  destined that we will only move forward when the whole blob of the sameness will move forward with us? Will we create products that ONLY a majority of people will purchase? What happened to products that we don’t even know we want yet? Where’s the room for invention and creativity? Who will be brave enough to support products that don’t fit the mold? Hopefully stores like ours, with customers like ours, will still support new and different products that don’t just fit a consensus!

Why Is Ugly The New Black?

So I land in Paris at 6:30 A.M., make it to my hotel at 8:00 A.M….of course the hotel room isn’t ready so I have a leisurely breakfast (lots of coffee) and take a walk down Rue St. Honore to look at the selection Fall clothing displayed in the French shops. I see a glimpse of the beginning of “Ugly” which is what I’ve seen in New York for the last two weeks (buying women’s Spring/Summer 2012). I’ve been trying to digest the large quantities of FASHION that have been thrown at the retailers/consumers and I keep asking why?  Why now is the industry (and it’s pretty unanimous) pushing ultimate, in your face, loud, FASHION? These are clothes that will wear you, that scream VICTIM !!!! Why now?

It has it all loud color, embellishment, mixing everything

Shiny and Overly Designed

These Shoes have been promoted in every Magazine this Fall

There are two theories I have about this. First I think the internet has such a strong influence on the designers and the industry that it forces a consensus of trends and these “trends” make every designer look the same. When most of the designers and magazines utilize the same trends they are pushing these trends on the consumers as if they were already a fact, which they assume will force the consumer to buy. But not all consumers are blind followers. Second, I think no one knows the answers to the economic downturn so designers are trying too hard, looking desperate, thinking they will jump start the consumer into buying again. In the end the collections look all over the place.

I am not afraid of FASHION, but I’ve been around fashion long enough to reject superficial techniques as an excuse for modern design. I’ve seen merchandise on my sale rack that scream that mistake…my mistakes…the customer has taught me well…they will spend money on new, innovative and yes, different but the consumer will not fall for clown like clothing (especially expensive clothing) readily.

When consumers have such a lack of confidence in…well everything…. why would the clothing industry push such over the top FASHION on them? This will only make them feel more uncertain.

Meanwhile I have managed to find some beautiful clothes for next spring, yes it has color and it has innovation but it’s not theatrics…it’s clothes you will want to put on your body and make it your own. But as I keep looking around I shake my head and ask is Ugly the new Black?