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When they say “Trust Me”….A Sales Consultant’s Transformation

Arthur Jordan is “the ultimate” sales consultant that the new generation will sorely miss. In an age when an actual sales person (shunned by the fear that someone will sell you anything and you have no defense against their manipulative ways) has been replaced by well….nothing, it is nice to know that the “old fashioned” ¬†advisor to consumers is alive and well living at Louis.

A few years ago Pengcheng Song walked into Louis looking for a suit. He is small framed, but well proportioned and was unfamiliar with the idea of developing a man’s wardrobe. He walked right into Arthur Jordan, a man with 40 years of experience in the men’s clothing business. Arthur has a relaxed confident way that helps the customer navigate through the difficult task of creating a wardrobe for a modern day businessman. He also has a great sense of humor that makes the task pleasurable. He started Pengcheng slowly as Arthur insists on, by buying a few pieces each visit and asking the client to use these clothes in all aspects of their life. Needless to say the trips to Louis became more frequent. Pengcheng slowly became more confident about putting pieces together and now he has a great style that he demonstrates everyday. It is a transformation that allows Pengcheng to be more self assured in knowing he will look great no matter where his busy life leads him.

This season he was fitted into a “truly” made to measured suit, hand tailored by the best Neapolitan tailors available, Kiton. The experience was transforming and the results are indisputable. See for yourself….

The Transformation is Remarkable!!! His confidence is self evident.

You can see all the hand work that went into making this beautiful suit here are a few of the details.

You can see the results of a hand stitched shoulder

Even the lining has been sewn in by hand. The styling of the jacket and the pants are exclusive to Louis and Pengcheng wears it well.

You can see the hand stitching a luxury becoming extinct

And the finale is the shirt (hand made to measure by Kiton) and a Massimo Bizzocchi tie. The subtle mixture of fabrics makes the combination of suit, shirt and tie so interesting that only a true gentleman could understand.

The rich combination of fabrics work so well together

All it took was Pencheng Song’s ¬†TRUST, and an amazing wardrobe consultant, Arthur Jordan!