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Jennifer Chun at Louis Exposure!


It’s our last weekend of Louis Exposure and we can’t think of a better person to celebrate with than Jennifer Chun.  Her confident, modern and fun styles are one of our very favorites for this season of Exposure!


Jennifer will be here in person to show her Spring/Summer collection as well as take pre-orders on her Fall line.  Come be styled by the designer herself!






C. Chauchat at Louis Exposure!


C. Chauchat (translated from French it means “Hot Cat”) is a collection of intricately made by hand ties.  Each piece takes over twenty steps to complete – from pressing the fold to the final hand sewn slipstitch.  Founders Curie Choi and Beverly Liang will be joining us with their fine ties this weekend at Louis Exposure!


st web size

Satya Twena at Louis Exposure!


The Satya Twena Collection is the perfect combination of eclectic non-traditional pieces met with Satya’s classic training in the art of millinery.


Join her at Louis Exposure this weekend to browse her collection of one-of-a-kind creations for all your summer events – from wedding wear to trips to the coast.








Nirva Web Size

Nirva Derbekyan at Louis Exposure!


Nirva Derbekyan, another amazing Boston based designer, will be showing her Spring/Summer dress line this Saturday and Sunday!

Of Armenian decent, raised in Istanbul and Canada, Nirva infuses art, culture, nature and architecture into each of her designs.  She’ll be here, in person, this weekend, to fit you into the perfect summer dress!






The Men’s Workshop is Here!

It’s that time again!  Our Men’s Workshop has officially started and will continue through tomorrow.  We have Kiton, Massimo Bizzocchi, Belvest, Sartoria Partenopea, Finamore, Valentini, Nicky Ties, Harry’s of London, Cantarelli, Bespoken and Fray.


Make sure you don’t miss this amazing opportunity to hand select your Fall wardrobe with the world’s leading Men’s manufacturers helping you pick the perfect collar, tie, pant, fabric…  The way you want it.


Here’s a sneak peek!