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Here’s What the News Didn’t Tell You

I’m sure it’s a big deal that Whitey Bulger got caught….now that’s he’s 81 years old. Everyday down here at Fan Pier there is heavy security and three police boats on the harbor for every visit. There are also a tons of “News Vehicles” and reporters ready to report his every move. Here is the scoop the tax payers are paying for his expensive transport, his healthcare and his legal team for years to come and he will probably die before he ever gets sentenced. But you would think while they have news crews down here they might walk 500 feet to their right and find an amazing event taking place on the water for the next four days. Extreme sailing races  happen all over the world and followed by millions of fans. The organization chose Boston as its’ first destination in the United States because it was the perfect set up to bring the people closer to the races. Usually the races are farther out at sea and video is the only way to watch them. The races started yesterday and will continue until Monday.

How LUCKY we are to have this in our city yet our press and television stations find it NOT noteworthy. What wrong with this picture?  Is it too POSITIVE  a new story so we should not be privileged to the information? Are they holding the story a secret  until the races have been here for five years and then they might mention them???? OK maybe sailing isn’t generic enough to be put on television…how about the most amazing FIREWORKS ????? The fact that they had to close Logan for the fireworks last night, would that be newsworthy ?????? Oh NOOOOOO even the Globe couldn’t drum up a photo and report on what’s happening right under their noses but I’m sure they had an article on who visited the courtroom yesterday….500 feet away.

By the way here’s the fireworks finale from last night…it was amazing!!!

Don’t Freak….it’s just more change on Fan Pier


In case you missed the news in Boston last week Joe Fallon and the Vertex company broke ground on two buildings (one city block each). It’s the largest development project in the country, along with being the most expensive. Vertex is an amazing company solving lifetime illnesses by marrying innovation with intelligent risks. I feel honored to be surrounded by companies that are not sitting waiting but moving forward with new business models and new ideas. The world as we know it has ALREADY changed it’s now a matter of Americans to catch up with the consequences from previous paradigms.

It took Joe Fallon 12 hours to Start Construction After the Ground Breaking

Plus extreme sailing is almost here. Everything is in place for Thursday’s activities. The races start Thursday and run through Monday 1:30 to 5 p.m. There will bands playing every night. Joe Fallon really knows how to throw a party!!!!


The Food Tents and Sound Stage are all in Place


The Buoys


The are Plenty of Good Looking Sailors from all over the World


They Put the Boats Together in the Parking Lot and Crane it into the Water


Ready to Go


Mary Benoit Organized The Extreme Sailing Event...She's Amazing!!!!

Red Bull Hospitality Tent