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Details On Louis At The Mandarin Oriental Back Bay

Louis will be opening a satellite boutique at the Mandarin Oriental Back Bay that will be a 200 square-foot boutique located behind the concierge desk. [We are currently hiring a sales professional for the boutique at the Mandarin Oriental. For more details, please click here.] The Louis boutique will feature a variety of men’s and women’s accessories, jewelry, home and apothecary goods, books and music from familiar brands available at Louis. This new addition is a perfect compliment for the Mandarin Oriental, which shares a similar point of view on luxury as we do. The product offerings at the boutique are aligned with the atmosphere and service offered by the Mandarin Oriental and we look forward to being an asset to their guests’ experience while staying in Boston.

While we are happy to return to having a presence in the Back Bay, the Louis flagship will remain at 60 Northern Ave at Fan Pier on the Waterfront. When owner Debi Greenberg chose to move the store to this location, her intentions were to take luxury into a new direction. With the current growth of our new neighborhood, Louis is thrilled to have established roots in an innovative and evolving area. There is no intention of leaving the Waterfront.


7 thoughts on “Details On Louis At The Mandarin Oriental Back Bay

  1. Lisa

    Please return to the Back Bay. A 200 square foot shop is not enough. Your current location is just too far away for Back Bay residents who like to walk everywhere. Louis Boston was an important part of this neighborhood for decades. Please return.

  2. Joe

    I agree with Lisa. I live in the BB and your new location is just too far and I go to SAKS most of the time now. A 200 square feet store – why bother.

  3. Mohamed

    I think boston is done, nothing high end anymore everywhere is only frozen yougurt store LB was the obly god store in boston and it is gone

  4. Sam

    I also agree. Move back to Back Bay. You were a bit too creative with this store move. Also, you need to hire friendlier staff and start buying like you used to at the Berkeley street location.

  5. Marc

    Let’s not be ungrateful folks, I’ll still take a 200 sf Bo-Tique, there’s always Zip car for you car-less folks, or if you can afford to shop there, take your limos over for an afternoon of shopping, noshing and visit to the fab new ICA afterwards…

  6. Kathryn

    I completely agree – in the words of Paul Young – “Why don’t you come back? PLEASE HURRY!”

  7. Mark Byrnes

    Deb, It wasn’t that long ago that I finally got rid of my dark green sweater knitted with Louis Boston Berkeley Street on the front of it.

    I remember when the credit card was metal and champagne and strawberries were served in the store, the men’s ready to wear was in the basement and the women’s was on the greenhouse level. This was before you moved into the old Bonwit Teller.

    To see a Restoration Hardware in your old home makes me sick.

    Who else would carry Barberra, Dreis Van Notten and New Man in Boston? Not many retailers would have the balls.

    Bilzerian staff is like Ice to people unless you’ve been sucking their ….for years.

    Boston is going to have a void without a Louis to make us different from the rest…

    Good Luck.

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