Let’s start at the beginning. If you’ve never heard of us or been to our store, LouisBoston is pronounced Loooeeez. As in, “whose coat is that? It’s Louie’s.” There’s no “of”, it’s just LouisBoston. And depending upon whether you’re actually from around here or not, it’s either Boston or Baahston. Something else you should know:  if it is, in fact, a Louis coat, it’s something very special. LouisBoston is internationally recognized as one of the finest, most unique and most influential clothing stores in the world. And if you haven’t been to the store lately, you’ve missed a lot. LouisBoston is now also the best place to come when you want to decorate your home, re-make your bed, listen to music, look at art, and improve your vision.

LouisBoston was founded by Louis Pearlstein in the late 1800s. Louis was originally a pawnbroker who accepted the suit off a man’s back as collateral for a loan. Louis’s sons, Saul and Nathan, often worked with their father after school hours. From this experience they developed a love for fine clothing and around 1925 they incorporated the company named Louis for the purpose of selling the finest clothing in the world.

Today, more than three quarters of a century later, it can honestly be said that the original dream has been realized. And the fact that one family has both owned and operated the business during all those years has been the key to its consistent and uncompromising focus.

LouisBoston was housed in the historic New England Museum of Natural History building in Boston’s Back Bay. It was built in 1863 by the noted architect and life-long Bostonian William G. Preston. Bonwit Teller was a tenant from 1947 to 1989, and after a dramatic renovation, LouisBoston made the building its home for 20 years.

January 31st 2010 see’s a fresh start to Louis, as we have vacated the stout but weathered brick fortress on Berkeley street. Sadly this brings to a close for us our time in one of the few classic majestic stand-alone buildings in Boston. We are starting anew on Boston’s waterfront at Fan Pier. Water views, a new restaurant, a deck, and amazing items from around the world, exclusively at Louis.


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